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Sales Agents

President of Sales

(800) 477-6373 x702

Sales Agent

(800) 477-6373 x704

Sales Agent

(800) 477-6373 x707

Sales Agent

(800) 477-6373 x708

Sales Agent

(800) 477-6373 x705

Sales Agent

(800) 477-6373 x706

Sales Agent

(866) 477-6373 x714

Support Staff

Ilhane Fenandes

CULTURAL LIAISON - Ilhane speaks 5 languages and works with our clients and agent to make sure everyone involved has clear and accurate communication and understanding of every situation. Cape Verdean, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin

Dennis Fasano

DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST - As one of our rising stars, Dennis also works closely wit our executive team to educate our customers with information through social media, email, website and other marketing endeavors.

Executive Leadership Team

David Fasano

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER - David has over 30 years of Real Estate and Mortgage experience. He brings a fresh vision and unique leadership style that promotes dedication and detail to customer education and service. He has developed a unparalleled work environment that provides an opportunity for not just a job, but a successful career in a fulfilling profession.s

Shawn Hendricks Sr

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER - with over 20 years of administration and management experience, Shawn oversees all day to day operations as well as implementing systems the improve our quality of customer service and sales agent development.